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Landlord & Tenant

We can provide you with specialist guidance in all aspects of Landlord and Tenant disputes as well as supporting Landlords from the outset of their journey. We can assist with drafting tenancy agreements that are bespoke to your tenant, up to date with the latest legal requirements and draft robust agreements that are likely to assist you if you ever have to evict your tenant.

We are aware of the needs of businesses in the property sector and we provide commercial leases that take contact usyour requirements in to account.

We also deal with assisting Landlords on how to recover rent arrears, evicting tenants and serving the correct notices as required by the law. Landlords will be aware that if the tenancy agreement fails to meet the legal criteria of prescribed information, then it is unlikely that eviction will be successful. The law around eviction can be complicated as it is intricate and requires technical ability to serve the correct notices as well as to issue the correct documents to recover the arrears in the Court. We have also worked with third parties to transfer cases to the High Court which will allow you to recover your arrears in an efficient manner.

We can offer to draft your notices for a fixed fee and can guide you on the process to avoid expensive legal fees at a later stage whereby you can conduct the litigation yourself.

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